23 Mobile Things #22: Discovering Apps

Use at least one of these websites or apps and write a blog post about what you found and how this may or may not be a good way for you to discover new apps. If you know of another website or app that would fit under this Thing that you like better, tell us about it in your blog, too.

First of all, Quixey, who knew?  I wish I knew about this a long time ago.  It’s a real-time saver.  It will help me find relevant apps for the subject guides that I create for our library website.  My focus for this post, however, is Apps Gone Free.  I downloaded this app the first week I got my iPad, so it isn’t new to me.  I’ve used it quite a bit to find some nice free apps, and some that I’ve downloaded and hardly touched.  When I first got the iPad I was looking for ways to “fill it up,” or so it seems to me now.  It’s nice to find a good app in there, but after a bit of time, I just stopped checking it.  I feel that I have the basic functions of the iPad covered with the apps that I have. I have the MS Word app, Dropbox, LinkedIn, and plenty of games.  I feel like I’m past the point of downloading an app just because it’s free and I might use it sometime in the future.  I’ve moved past the hoarder stage of app collecting and now I only look for apps that I’ll really use.  Now, if I’m looking for an app, I’ll take a look at the top downloaded free apps and see if there’s anything there.  I use the top downloads as a sign that the app must be a good one if thousands of people download it.  That was a short one!

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