23 Mobile Things #19: Hobbies

Use at least one of these apps, or, if these suggestions do not cover a current interest of yours, treat yourself to find an app that fits your passion and use that for Thing 19. Write a blog post about the app you have chosen and why it may help you with your hobby. If you know of another app that would fit under this Thing, tell us about it in your blog, too.

Hobbies?  Who has time for those?  My hobbies are things that I can put on in the background while I can get other things done.  Therefore, I would say that my favorite hobby is watching the NHL.  Because I am, well, poor, I don’t have cable and can’t watch many of the hockey games.  I do, however, have an AppleTV, so I can put whatever is on my iPad onto my TV.  Thankfully, NBC Sports, who broadcast most of the NHL games has an iPad app that shows the hockey games.  So all season long I have been bringing up the hockey games on my iPad and putting them on my TV using AppleTV.

The app is called NBC Sports Live Extra, and it works pretty well.  I do run into some annoying glitches, like the app closing out of nowhere, but I’m not really surprised.  Live streaming takes a lot of bandwidth and I am presenting it from my iPad to another source.  Because I am not paying for the app and I don’t have to pay $30 per month for cable, I can put up with a few glitches.

I can also get the other sports programming that is featured on NBC Sports using the app, which is pretty nice.  Even though I am not big on NASCAR, golf, or horse racing, I occasionally find some other sport that is interesting to watch.  Overall, I am really pleased with the app.

One thought on “23 Mobile Things #19: Hobbies

  1. $30 for cable? You must have a choice outside of Charter. Do you have problems with the app outside of projecting it to the AppleTV? I’ve noticed when I try projecting to mine, it will occasionally cut of the program from where I’m running it (usually my MacBook) but I never have any problems with media when I’m not connected. But cheers for finding a different app from those listed!

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