23 Mobile Things #18: Education

Use at least one of these apps and write a blog post about what you think about the app and how you may be able to use it personally or professionally. If you know of another app that would fit under this Thing, tell us about it in your blog, too.

Cool.  I wish this one would be broken up into different ‘things’ because there are a lot of useful apps on the list, though many of them are topic-specific.  I use Socrative quite a bit.  I make a quiz that students can take on their iPads for my program-specific instruction sessions.  So, if I am teaching a business class, I have them explore the library and the library website answering questions from the Socrative app.  It has worked out very well and most students find it fun.

In keeping with the spirit of finding new resources, I tried out the Show of Hands app.  From the description, I thought I could quickly take a poll of a classroom of students.  I was wrong.  This is an app where you can answer two-option polls or create your own for others to take, not just people in your classroom.  It is kind of cool to get a general opinion of the app audience, though I could see students make embarrassingly incorrect assumptions based on the results of these polls.  There are tons of statistical issues with taking anything away from a poll on the app.  Yet the app doesn’t do what I expected, poll a local audience.

I tried to create a poll to see if there was some way I could limit the audience, but then I ran into bugs.  I didn’t create a username and password when started the app.  When I tried to make a poll I was told that I need a u/n and p/w.  I tried to add one and couldn’t.  I tried logging out and logging back in, but couldn’t find anywhere to log out.  Grrrrr…I quit.  I’m needy I guess.  I could’ve uninstalled the app and re-downloaded it but I’m not going to spend my time on a non-user-friendly app.  I will stick with Socrative.

One thought on “23 Mobile Things #18: Education

  1. Yeah, I’m not gonna blame you for that one; that’s a lot of work to just get a silly app to work. But I’m glad you’ve already found use with one of the apps!

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